Modified kitchen counter for accessibility
Accessibility Ramp at Weslean

How can Skynation help you?

standing near finished kitchen

Skynation has partnered with unique specialists to provide a comprehensive assessment of our client's capabilities and desires, and match them to functional environmental design.
We build an environment that promotes independent functioning by creating and implementing a design which will meet the current and future needs of all household members.

How do we help?

Construction and Restoration

We work fast to resolve issues and complications that arise when there is water or ice damage to your home or business. We are fully equiped to deal with flooded basements, mold issues, roof and gutter repair, flooring, sheetrock, and most other complications of water and ice damage.

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Home Adaptation

Skynation works directly with clients, assessing their needs, their goals and their current living environment. Employing universal and inclusive design strategies, Skynation modifies your home to allow you greater mobility and functionality while decreasing existing architectural limitations.

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For more information call us at 860-343-0802